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This is the most editors want to explore the brand! Compared with the two predecessors, since 1999 began to focus on the production of original silver Cody Sanderson jewelry sale, the rise of speed, now in Tokyo, Cody popularity, in the IG dozen #codysanderson, will see many of the men will Cody and Chrome Hearts, Goro’s wear together, it is evident that Cody Sanderson in silver creation of unique vision. Cody’s creations can be clearly felt in the wash with the traditional Indian folk style, which is related to his growing background, Cody Sanderson was born in the United States of New Mexico Gallup, and in the Navajo Aboriginal autonomous Region bred growth, From an early age, the Indian national silver jewellery production of fine craft, growth from the revolutionary design and modern elements, achievements now we see Cody Sanderson Online Store, that do not have a unique style of silver jewelry production.

More specifically, Cody Sanderson silver style positioning, between the chrome hearts and Goro’s, or can say, is the integration of the two. Cody’s work has a tough American attitude, but it’s more appealing than the original tribal sense of temperature. In particular, the star design of the Cody Sanderson is relatively very pleasing to the totem, give a person cheerful positive force, less so chill atmosphere, more can close silver and men’s distance. Cody later launched the Feather, Naja, Cat Scratch, tree Bark Series … And so on, are the totem level relatively simple, the subject of a clear work, in the design of a strong sense of clothing, each other for instrumental, not to rob the play, both can become the protagonist, this is also Cody Sanderson greatly respected by the outside world of the key reasons.

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